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Welcome to Balestrand

Activities in Balestrand

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Balestrand Adventure




Network of hiking trailsr

Network of hiking trails

We are lucky to have a network of marked hiking trails in the woods and mountains.

Or maybe you would rather walk along the road and admire the very special architecture here in the village.

Download hiking map

Click the pictures below - view from the mountain Raudmelen!

View from the mountain top Raudmelen - click to enlarge! View from the mountain top Raudmelen - click to enlarge!

The official beach

The beach

The perfect beach for a swim!

How about a game of chess?

Chess benches

How about a game of chess? The chess tables are placed outside Joker and by "Balahaugane".

You may pick up the chess pieces at the Joker grocery store.


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Playground for children and youngsters

Playground for children and youngsters

By the school there is a playground for children and youngsters; climbind park, trampoline, beach volleyball, mini footballpitch, football court, running track and garden swings for children.

Kayak Balestrand

Kayak Balestrand

Explore Balestrand, the Sognefjorden and the marvelous nature from a kayak!

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Kayak Balesrtrand

Soft adventures and fishing trips with personality

Fishing trips with Balestrand Fjord Angling

Join the fishing trip!
The Original Fjord Experience since 1979.

Built for values! Our simple, but at the same time rich program, has pure nature experiences, participation and contains the fine balance between natural fishing instincts, story telling and self-development that raises every self-confidence and mastery.


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Fjord sightseeing with Balestrand Adventure

Fjord sightseeing with Balestrand Fjord Adventure

Explore the fjord with Balestrand Adventure: fjord sightseeing with rib-boat.

Daily roundtrips in the Balestrand area at 13:00. Duration: 1h 20 min

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: Nærøyfjord sightseeing at 09:00. Duration: 2,5-3 timar.

Other tours on request.

Further info and reservation on:

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Explore Balestrand on a bike

Hire a bike at the touristinformation and explore Balestrand.